Ecclesiastes – Part One  [HFL 1031]

          Ecclesiastes – Part Two  [HFL 1032]

          Ecclesiastes – Part Three  [HFL 1033]

          Ecclesiastes – Part Four  [HFL 1034]

          Ecclesiastes – Part Five  [HFL 1035]

          Ecclesiastes – Part Six  [HFL 1036]

          Ecclesiastes – Part Seven  [HFL 1037]


          How To Overcome Ego  [AL 11]


          Give The Neglected Gift  [SL 152]

          The Apostle Peter  [HFL 450]


          Enlightened And A Light  [HFL 004]


          How To Reduce Envy  [AL 01]


          The Theme Throughout Ephesians – Part 1  [HFL 1410]

          The Theme Throughout Ephesians – Part 2  [HFL 1411]

          The Theme Throughout Ephesians – Part 3  [HFL 1412]

          General Study Of Ephesians – Part 1  [HFL 1413]

          General Study Of Ephesians – Part 2  [HFL 1414]

          General Study Of Ephesians – Part 3  [HFL 1415]

          General Study Of Ephesians – Part 4  [HFL 1416]

Eternal Life

          What Is Eternal Life?  And How Do We Receive It?  [HFL 063]

          Everyone Can Have Eternal Life Starting Today  [FMS 004]

          What Will We Really Be Doing Throughout Eternity?  [FMS 021]

          What Is Eternal Life?  [SL 050]

          Why Does God Offer Us Eternal Life?  [SL 157]

          We All Have Eternity In Our Hearts And Minds  [HFL 205]

          You Can Inherit All Things With Jesus Christ  [HFL 443]

          The Eternity Of The Christian God And The Hope Of All Humanity  [HFL 704]

Eucharist or Lord’s Supper

          When We Take The Bread And Wine What Are We Saying To Our Creator God?  [HFL 200]


          Personal Evangelism  [AL 44]

          Sharing Christ  [AL 45]

          Where Do We Go From Here?  [HFL 011]

          Are We Ready To Tell?  [HFL 015]

          Turn To A New Page … P.T.O.  [HFL 028]

          A Heart For The Lost  [HFL 029]

          Mission And God’s People  [HFL 032]

          What Is God Doing Today?  [HFL 035]

          Fulfilling The Main Reason For God Calling Us

          To Follow Jesus Christ  [HFL 178]

          We Are Being Watched  [FMS 057]

          No Sin Is Private?  [SL 038]

          The Compulsion To Share  [SL 112]

          Following Jesus Christ -

          The Example Of The First Generation Church  [SL 134]

          A Faith Filled Ministry  [SL 135]

          Why Evangelism?  [SL 144]

          How Do We Live And Share The Gospel?  [SL 145]

          Watch Out For Little Things  [SL 151]

          Are We Delaying The Return Of Jesus Christ As King Of Kings

          To Restore Peace To The World?  [HFL 228]

          10 Objections To Christianity And How To Respond  [FMS 046]

          The Christian Witness Without Words  [HFL 807]

          Ask Before You Answer!  [HFL 870]

          A Believer’s Personal Responsibilities  [HFL 895]

          Being A Good Example  [HFL 905]

          Jesus Christ Style Evangelism!  [HFL 954]

          Ministering To Today’s Cultures  [HFL 987]

Evolution – The Delusion Of

          You Are Special!  [FMS 032]

          The Origin Of Evolution  [HFL 218]

          The Case Against Evolution  [HFL 217]

          Evolution Is NOT A Scientific Fact  [HFL 213]

          What Is The Main Purpose Of Life?  [AL 07]

          Why Were You Born?  [SL 072]

          The Danger Of Today’s Spiritual Wilderness  [SL 077]

          The Origin Of All Things  [HFL 280]

          Proof That God Exists  [HFL 852]

          The Final Thoughts Of Charles Darwin  [HFL 972]

          Beyond The Reach Of Science  [HFL 1005]

          Carbon Dating – What Is It And How Does It Work?  [HFL 1444]

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