Principles Of Leadership  [HFL 458]

          The Critical Need Within The Christian Church Today!  [HFL 724]

          The Qualities Of A True Christian Leader  [HFL 1279]

          The Responsibility Of Leadership  [HFL 1281]

Learning From History

          Ancient Rome And Today’s Society [Part 1]  [HFL 525]

          Ancient Rome And Today’s Society [Part 2]  [HFL 526]


          Is Your Life Heading In The Right Direction?  [FMS 002]

          Life?  Why Do Human Beings Exist?  [FMS 067]

          The Life We Have Is NOT Ours To Own  [FMS 015]

          Why Are The Vast Majority Of People Blind?  [FMS 033]

          The Most Profound Decision Ever Made  [FMS 039]

          No One Is An Island and No Sin Is Private  [HFL 079]

          Who Are You Feeding?  [FMS 053]

          Have We Lost Our Way In Life?  [SL 057]

          This World: A Pleasure Park Or A Battlefield?  [SL 124]

          We Are Without Excuse  [HFL 191]

          What Science Cannot Tell Us About Human Life!  [HFL 529]

          Three Stages Of Life  [HFL 809]


          God’s Love – Our Love  [HFL 001]

          Developing A Loving Heart  [AL 16]

          There Is Only One Way To Know True Love!  [FMS 028]

          Divine Love Of God Incarnate  [HFL 208]

          Perfect Love  [HFL 659]

          Will Our Love Wax Cold?  [HFL 825]

          Love And Fulfilling The Law  [HFL 970]

          Keys To Compassion – An Expression Of Godly Love  [HFL 993]


          Luke The Universal Gospel  [HFL 838]

          Analysing Luke’s Special Emphases  [HFL 839]

          Reading Between The Lines In Luke  [HFL 840]

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