Sacrifice [Personal]

          Are We A “Living Sacrifice” Acceptable To Our Creator God?  [SL 045]

          Not Every Good Deed Is Good!  [SL 060]

          Are We A Cross-less Christian?  [SL 067]

          We Are Without Excuse  [HFL 191]

          Sacrifice: An Act Of Worship – Romans 12:1-2  [HFL 731]


          Work Out Your Own Salvation  [HFL 342]

          Who Are The Lost?  [HFL 899]

          What About Good Non-Christians?  [HFL 994]


          Resisting The Influence Of Satan Our Enemy  [HFL 177]

          It Is Our Duty To Oppose Evil  [SL 049]

          Why Did God Create Satan?  [SL 068]

          The Armour Of God  [HFL 207]

          One Way That Satan Can Deceive Us  [FMS 076]

          Christians In Conflict With Evil – Part 1  [HFL 240]

          Christians In Conflict With Evil – Part 2  [HFL 241]

          Christians In Conflict With Evil – Part 3  [HFL 242]

          Know Your Enemy  [HFL 248]

          The Christian Church And Individual Christians Have Many Enemies

          To Resist  [HFL 328]

          Satan’s Strategies And Our Responses  [HFL 748]

          The Enemy Without  [HFL 761]

          The Enemy Within  [HFL 762]

          How To Escape Satan’s Three Major Snares  [HFL 764]

          What Satan Doesn’t Want You To Know  [HFL 827]

          Satan Is Looking For A Place In Your Mind  [HFL 1271]  


          Are You Unsinkable?  [FMS 063]

          Are We As Christians Taking Too Much For Granted?  [HFL 322]

          Are You Deceiving Yourself?  [HFL 323]

          The Myth Of Human Self-Sufficiency  [HFL 706]


          Is Personal Ambition A Sign Of Self-Righteousness And Therefore Sinful?  [AL 10]

          Self-Righteousness And How To Overcome It  [AL 41]

          Swallowing A Camel!  [HFL 886]

          Who Do You Trust?  [HFL 1307]


          We Are Without Excuse  [HFL 191]


          Being Served To Becoming A Servant  [HFL 008]

          True Service  [HFL 1312]

          True Christian Service  [HFL 1321]


          Love Or Lust: Which Is It?  [FMS 016]

          Sex Is Sacred: Not A Plaything For Pleasure  [FMS 027]

          Why Sex?  [HFL 1000]


          No Sin Is Private!  [SL 038]

          How To Resist Temptation To Sin  [HFL 277]

          How Do We Avoid Serious Error?  [HFL 308]

          There Is No Wisdom In Sin  [HFL 329]

          Presumptuous Sins  [HFL 750]

          Is There An Unpardonable Sin?  [HFL 753]

          The Pull Of Sin  [HFL 896]

          1 John 3:9 – A Meditative Study  [HFL 929]

          Sin – A Matter Of Life And Death  [HFL 1274]  

Spirit World

          We Must Test The Spirits  [SL 126]

          Is There A Real Spirit World?  Part 1  [HFL 194]

          Is There A Real Spirit World?  Part 2  [HFL 195]

          Is There A Real Spirit World?  Part 3  [HFL 196]

          Is There A Real Spirit World?  Part 4  [HFL 197]

          Is There A Real Spirit World?  Part 5  [HFL 198]

          Is There A Real Spirit World?  Part 6  [HFL 199]

          Testing Religious Experiences  [HFL 319]

          The Unseen But Very Real Spirit World  [HFL 735]


          Christian Stewardship – Part 1  [HFL 239]

          Christian Stewardship – Part 2  [HFL 243]


          Seven Secrets Of Stress-Free Living  [AL 47]

          How To Cope With Daily Frustrations  [HFL 343]

Successful Living

          Stick-To-It-Ness  [FMS 052]

          Are You A Balanced Person?  [FMS 054]

          To Be Or To Do, Which Should Our Way Of Live Be?  [SL 061]

          What Are We Thinking At This Moment?  [SL 075]

          7 Point Plan For Today  [HFL 181]

          It’s Never Too Late To Start Again  [AL 03]

          When You Feel Like Giving Up  [AL 04]

          How To Deal With Disappointments  [AL 06]

          A Fruitful Life  [HFL 056]

          The Secret Of Success  [HFL 094]

          Why Is The Way We Start Every Day Important?  [FMS 013]

          We Become Great By Becoming Small  [FMS 030]

          Procrastination  [HFL 080]

          A Subtle Flaw  [HFL 081]

          Promises Promises  [FMS 047]

          Survival Of The Fittest  [FMS 080]

          The Pathway To True Greatness  [HFL 247]

          It Takes More Than Luck  [HFL 270]

          How To Prevent Burn-Out  [HFL 348]

          How To Get More Done In Less Time  [HFL 344]

          Making The Most Of Your Career  [HFL 347]

          How To Manage Money Before It Manages You  [HFL 349]

          Missed Opportunities  [HFL 355]

          Go To The Ant  [HFL 455]

          Our Personal Olympics  [HFL 429]

          Laziness  [HFL 508]

          Willpower – Why We Need It  [HFL 819]

          Never Give In  [HFL 915]

          Are You Developing A Character Of Gold?  [HFL 1272]

          Three Ways To Obtain What We Desire  [HFL 1286]

          We Are Sowing The Seed Of Our Future Every Day!  [HFL 1290]

          The Power Is In The Preparation  [HFL 1291]

          No Person Should Die Until They Have Put Humanity In Debt To Them  [HFL 1293]

          Dedication  [HFL 1305]

          You Cannot Physically Remain A Baby All Of Your Life!  [HFL 1309]

          Spiritual Lassitude  [HFL 1322]

          Joy – Spiritual Health Made Visible  [HFL 1361]

          Reach For Abundant Life  [HFL 1381]


          Why Suffering And Trials?  [SL 070]

          No “Act Of God”  [HFL 817]

          Why Doesn’t God Do Something?  [HFL 968]

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