Taming Your Temper  [AL 13]


          Thankfulness – Its Therapeutic Value  [HFL 665]

          Be A Gracious Receiver  [HFL 873]


          Theology And Church History  [HFL 031]


          General Study Of Thessalonians – Part 1  [HFL 1421]

          General Study Of Thessalonians – Part 2  [HFL 1422]


          General Study Of Letters To Timothy – Part 1  [HFL 1423]

          General Study Of Letters To Timothy – Part 2  [HFL 1424]

          General Study Of Letters To Timothy – Part 3  [HFL 1425]

          General Study Of Letters To Timothy – Part 4  [HFL 1426]

          General Study Of Letters To Timothy – Part 5  [HFL 1427]


          Titus [Part 1]  [HFL 475]

          Titus [Part 2]  [HFL 476]

          Titus [Part 3]  [HFL 477]


          The Transfiguration  [HFL 779]


          All Things Are For A Purpopse  [FMS 062]

          In Times Of Distress  [HFL 988]

Trinity [of God]

          Can We Understand The Trinity Of God?  [SL 059]

          The Mystery That Is The Triune God  [HFL 700]

          Does The Trinity Teach Three Gods Exist?  [HFL 861]

          Is The Trinity In The Bible?  [HFL 860]

          The Trinity 1+1+1=1 It Just Does Not Add Up  [HFL 865]

True Gospel Message

          The True Gospel Message As Proclaimed In The Old Testament  [HFL 772]


          The Power Of Truth  [AL 15]

          Let’s Be Honest  [HFL 267]

          Has Political Correctness And Human Rights Oppressed The Truth?  [HFL 368]

          Biblical Facts And The Truth Are Not The Same  [HFL 390]

          Pragmatism  [HFL 579]

          Grey Areas Have Crept Into Christian Thought  [HFL 628]

          Truth Is Only God Given  [HFL 629]

          Listening To The Voice Of God  [HFL 887]

          To Tell The Truth  [HFL 996]

          The Two Models Of Truth  [HFL 1021]

          All Truth Centres On Jesus Christ  [HFL 1294]

          Truth Is The Greatest Treasure  [HFL 1304]

          Where Can We Find The Truth?  [SL 160]

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